Monday, March 17, 2014

Flair for the Dramatics


Last night the whole fam, including my parents were out for a walk in their neighborhood. It was warm-ish, by that I mean it was above freezing. We did that thing that northerners do, we pretended that it was totally spring even though the mountains, a ten minute drive away, are still covered in feet of snow. I am sure it was some Wyomingite who is to blame for the sock/sandal plague that breaks out each spring. We were all wearing coats, but regretted leaving our gloves behind as it got pretty chilly as we rounded the last half block home.

Cordelia and I decided to run, because it was fun and a good way to warm up a bit. She fell, it was inevitable. Kids are always falling and getting hurt. She wiped out and I employed the age old law of parenting, do not look concerned at all. I put on my very best casual face as she looked up at me with the, "Should I freak out?" look that kids give to their parents. Thankfully the situation was fine, a slightly skinned knee and a tear in her pants. She's had skinned knees before, but now that she is really growing into her personality we got to see something new. Our little lady used this as an opportunity for a little drama.

She cried for a moment when she fell, but was quickly back to running with me. I redirected her with talk about a crazy patch for her pants and an invitation to beat the rest of the gang back to my parent's house. When we got home an hour or so later she discovered the blood on her knee, apparently it had escaped her attention at the scene of the fall, but now with her knees bared she could see the full extent of the damage. I am pretty sure she was secretly thrilled as she is always wanting a band-aid for any minor bump. I have told her time and again that band-aids are for blood. So there was no talking her out of one this time. Truth be told it was an extremely minor scrape, but who were Eric and I to stand in the way of her dramatic moment?

So Eric cleaned the injury and put a bandage on it and she was ready to go. Actually there was some drama with the cleaning of the injury as well, apparently the pain of a gentle cleansing was excruciating. She gives the absolute best tragic face and it was fully employed. Her eyebrows raise up into little peaks in the center of her face, furrowed brow. Her little pout is a tearjerker; her lips quiver and the corners of her mouth seem to pull down her entire visage. Really, she is quite a natural talent.

She also limped around every time she remembered that she was "hurt." Eric and I tried to conceal our smirks and giggles, not making fun of what I am sure felt like a very honest reaction to our four year old little lady. She requested some special snuggle time and I was happy to oblige. We read a book and then she recapped the dramatic fall, asking why I had let her fall. I did manage to hide a sigh and an eye roll, barely. Seriously, you'd think the girl had been to war or something. Where does she get this?

This morning when she woke up she was back to normal until she spotted that knee. Thanks to Elise for pointing to it and asking, "OK Delia?" So, then there was more limping for a bit. She was back to normal when she remembered it is St. Patrick's Day, so we are probably in the clear until the next small injury.

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Sarah Purdy said...

Oh the drama! Sadie's been (soy)milking an "upset stomach" for the last 3-4 days. Usually anytime she had to do something she doesn't want to do. "Sadie, please go brush your teeth." "But mom (flop on the floor) my stomach hurts so much." (This after she was just spinning and twirling and dancing to Frozen whilst singing at the top of her lungs.) Uh-huh.

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