Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Back in Grad School

I remember this time in my past long ago, before we had kids when we thought we were busy. I reflect back on the Eric and Maria that existed pre-2009bpe (before parenthood era) and I laugh. We had so much time on our hands! I was just looking back through old photos looking for blog fodder as today was remarkably uneventful, and I stumbled upon this photo....


Do you know what is going on here? So, it all starts way back when we were in grad school. We had been invited to a Halloween party, costumes required. We had plenty of time to prep, but we were "too busy." So we did what students do best, we procrastinated. Sure we bandied about a few ideas, but we knew it had to be good. We wanted to go with an art theme as the party was a bunch of art history grad students (PARTY!).

Anyway, the day of the party arrived and we had not settled on a plan. We were just too busy; which means we were sitting around talking and maybe playing Ms. Pacman on the computer whilst listening to Queen....Afternoon rolled around and we finally decided to get serious. So we just jumped onto the idea that seemed easiest to achieve in a few hours time. We decided to go as artist couple Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Frida was easy enough: unibrow, earrings, braided black hair, dress. Eric's costume...well, Diego didn't have a unique style so much. He was just a portly man. So, when we realized that Eric would just look like an overweight man it was already way too late to go back...so we went with it. I found a black witch wig down the street which I braided in Frida's style and threw my look together in about 15 minutes. Eric just stuffed a suit. It was weird. When we arrived it made sense as long as we were together. When Eric wandered off on his own it just looked as though he were making fun of people with weight issues...um not his intention.

Anyway, after that we vowed to always have a cohesive plan in tact before we went forward with a costume. Now I cannot guarantee that our costumes are any less weird or off putting, but at least we are comfortable with the get-up now.

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Sarah Purdy said...

You should really give those eyebrows another try. Very fetching! Ah, to be young and "busy."

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