Friday, April 11, 2014

Twenty-One Months

Yesterday marked 21 months for Elise! She has had a big month. Our little lady has weaned, begun potty training, started sleeping (some of the night) in a toddler bed, her vocabulary has exploded. This month she has gone from one and two words at a time to full sentences. She can clearly communicate most any need. Oh, and I wish I could share how sweetly she mispronounces words. For example, water is pronounced wah-yay. She will say, "Need drink wah-yay please." My heart melts.

She is bright an independent and imaginative. She is loving and affectionate and happy. She is also super quirky. For instance, yesterday she requested that I rub her nostrils and then, almost instantly, fell asleep! She also does not want the food on her plate to touch, for real! As I am writing this she is sitting on the dog bed with a bucket on her head. Life is beautiful at 21 months!!

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