Thursday, April 10, 2014

Making a Spectacle of Myself

Yesterday, promptly at nap time, the girls and I picked Eric up from work and headed to the optometrist. Eric was in need of his regular check up, he'd put it off for a couple of years and had been wearing the same contact lenses since 1993 (not really). My eyes have been feeling a bit tired for the past year or so. Initially I had assumed that it was due to the fact that I almost never sleep (thanks kids), but even with a few decent nights of sleep under my belt my eyes still feel weird. So it was time to check them out. I hadn't been to see an eye doctor since 2000!

I know this isn't fair to the optometrists out there, please forgive me, but I always suspect their methods. They flip lenses back and forth and ask which is better or worse and I always feel like they are pulling a fast one on me. Are they the same? Also, my knowledge of the human eye is limited to what I learned in my science classes in high school and college and much of what they say sounds like something a Vegas magician would say, "Keep your eye on this dot (flashing lights and quick movements)," then the bikini clad assistant disappears...wait that doesn't happen at your eye doctor appointments? Your loss.

Anyway we arrived family style at nap time at the optometrists. Eric went back for his appointment. I tried to fill out our paperwork and the girls normally should have been content to play. Not yesterday. Cordelia cried when the ipad (optometrist had ipads for kids to use!?!) wouldn't respond to her frantic button pushing. Elise played screaming rag doll. Brochures were tossed about willy nilly. A book was chucked across the room. It was just one of those days. When it was my turn to go back for the check up Eric decided to cruise around with the girls restrained safely in their car seats while they listened to the Frozen soundtrack for the 20 billionth time. He later reported little improvement in their behaviors, we all have our off days I guess.

I went through my appointment, assuming that I'd be given eye exercises or told to stand farther away from my paintings, but nope...I need glasses. He said that I would probably feel better if I wear them always, but that it is safe for me to go without. So at least I can ease my way into this world of eye glass wearing.

I called Eric when it was time to pick out the glasses, hoping for a little help. Mostly because the kindly gentleman was trying to pick out glasses for me. Normally this is not the kind of help I prefer. Of course I am polite and I try to listen to suggestions, but ultimately I assume that I know what's best for me. The older gentleman looked at my face and suggested a pair of vintage-y cat eye frames that felt pretty good and looked pretty good as well, but I had difficulty accepting his expertise. I mean what could he know about the needs of a 32 11/12 year old?  Eric and I proceeded to rule out many other selections before settling on the pair that the older gentleman had suggested with the very first try! He's good. Thank goodness too, because the girls had lost their minds and were pretty much just running around like adorable psychos, rolling and jumping and screaming. So we left and the girls almost immediately acted normally... my glasses will arrive some time next week.



Sarah Purdy said...

Welcome to the glasses club! I think they're absolutely lovely. And thank you for discussing your children in all their realness. We, too, have been experiencing demonic moods lately and I'm *thisclose* to calling in an exorcist. (I just haven't been in the mood to clean pea soup off the walls yet.)

Anne Jezek said...

Yay for glasses! They are super cute! You should post more pics when they come in. :) We're going to take advantage of the cheap medical care here and go see the eye doc (and possibly the dentist, YIKES!) soon.

Marie Roxanne said...

your glasses look beautiful! so sorry about the children... (I am so sorry, I am laughing my head off right now, can't help it...)

Mom said...

Your eyes look even more dramatically beautiful!

Oh wait, somewhere we still have those little blue glasses you used briefly about 3rd grade. Too bad I didn't think of that sooner as they could just change out the lenses.

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