Friday, May 23, 2014

First Week of Summer Snaps

We are a week into our summer break. I wrapped up my classes at the museum, submitted final grades at the college, and finished up my writing projects. Now it is time to enjoy the slower pace of summer. 

The girls and I have been outside much of the time. We have been working on Cordelia's reading. She is so close to being able to go at it alone. She can read! Now it is just about building confidence and efficiency. It is amazing to watch her brain learning.

Elise was supposed to finish up potty training this week, but we are waiting for a small stomach bug to pass before finishing up. She has been growing too. Her little mind is drawn to amazing creativity and her imagination is inspiring. A piece of bread turns into a buffalo running across her plate. She loves to have stories a read to her as well. So I think we will all be spending a lot of time at the library this summer.

Elise watching an afternoon rainstorm.

We stopped by the mall and Cordelia talked me into the photo booth. 

Tiny blue toenails 


It has been a good first week of summer break. 


Marie Roxanne said...

great! all the work is done! now for some serious playtime...
I love that 3rd picture in the photo booth. all of you are smiling perfectly!
I hope Eric gets to join you son some fun this summer.... or does he get time off?

Victoria said...

Yay! Summer! FINALLY!!!!!

Emily said...

Hooray for summer! My girls' last day of school is today. Let the low-key schedule begin!

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