Thursday, May 22, 2014

Project: Make a Mushroom

For many years I have had an aversion to cute little mushrooms. Not eating them, I am totally fine with that. Something about the image of mushrooms themselves took me back to high school and those annoying dudes that wore mushroom necklaces and said, "SHROOOOOMS." Ugh, my skin crawls with annoyance just thinking of it again. Anyway, it was time to reclaim the mushroom, they are super adorable and that is the whole story.

So you may recall the insane storm we had last fall. We are still dealing with some large branches and bits of log that are laying around. I happened to have three little logs that looked like they might want to be mushrooms. So I have been on the lookout at thrift stores for nicely rounded bowls. Unfortunately there were none in my price range of under $2. Then, a couple of days ago, I spotted a bowl clearance at the supermarket. $1.68 each, sold! I took them home and prepared to turn those bowls and logs into adorable whimsical mushrooms.

make a mushroom

Here is how you too can create these very charming and super easy mushrooms.

You will need
Logs, short and squat
Round bowls, one for each log
Nails and hammer
paint, my bowls were already in satisfactory colors but if yours are not you will want red and green spray paint as well as white acrylic paint
paper plate

make a mushroom

1. First you will trace a circle on your sponge. I used the base of a cup. Cut it out. If your bowls base color needs to be painted, do so now.

make a mushroom

2. Dab the sponge in the white paint and apply to your bowl. Press firmly and then rotate. I wanted kind of loose circles, if you are fussy about precision then you should probably stop reading my blog as I am sure to annoy you. Put circles all over the bowl as you see fit, just make sure that they are kind of randomly placed. This is a good job for older kids!

make a mushroom

3. Once the bowls are dry place them on top of your log. Hammer the nail through the bowl and into the log. Done.

make a mushroom

4. When I placed them outside I dug a little hole and then piled up some stones around the base for extra support.

make a mushroom

make a mushroom

Now a wild and dull corner of the yard has a little point of interest.


affectioknit said...

Oh...How cute is that!

~Have a lovely day!

Marie Roxanne said...

I like it! Good idea to have a corner turn into cute mushrooms!

Sarah Purdy said...

Love it!

Emily said...

Your creative genius continues to amaze!

Mom said...

Ah, adorable!

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