Monday, May 26, 2014

Second Frienniversary AKA The Memorably Large Feet Year

Saturday Sarah and I celebrated our 2nd Frienniversary (read about our first here). Can I just take a moment to tell you how great Sarah is? Thanks, I think I heard a yes somewhere out there. Anyway, Sarah is like a dream friend or a friend created in some sort of science experiment. She is hilarious, that is one of the first things that drew me in---well, that and her love of horrible puns.  She is so smart and together.When I watch her navigate her very busy life I am in total admiration of the way she makes it all look so easy, when I know it isn't. She makes time, quality time, for everyone and even makes herself a priority. It is amazing! She knows sign language for real! She is an amazing wife and mother.  She is thoughtful and kind and gorgeous and I am in total awe of her. Every single day I think, "Man, I am so so lucky to know her and to be her friend."

So, anyway---Sarah is awesome and now that you know that I think, perhaps, you might understand why I look forward to celebrating our friendship on our frienniversary.Our second frienniversary ended up being unintentionally similar to our first. I picked her up for lunch and we had planned to hit up a local Thai place only to discover that they were closed. So, we headed out for a little Mexican food and margaritas at the same restaurant as last year.

We then sampled the margaritas. It was unanimously agreed that their lime margaritas were far better than strawberry. We ate our food. We talked. It was great! So nice to have a break from the busy-ness of motherhood and just focus in on being friends and being ourselves.

When we were done with lunch we headed around the corner to the theater.

We saw Divergent. Sarah had read the books and I had not. She said that the movie was mostly in line with the books in case you were wondering. We watched the movie and neither of us fell asleep; noteworthy as one of us is notorious for theater sleeping.

When the movie concluded we did a little downtown window shopping and chatting it was nice and casual. Neither of us are big shoppers. Soon enough it was pedicure time, also outside of the norm for us. Neither had gotten a pedicure since the first frienniversary the year before.

We came in and chose our nail polish (in case you were wondering Sarah's nail polish was named Mermaid Tears and mine was Of Course!) and hopped into the foot spa throne.

We talked to each other, to the pedicurists(?), as a group. It was all good and well until the lady working on Sarah turned and looked at me...

She remembered me from the year before...because I have gigantic feet. Yep, my clodhoppers  made such an impression (a footprint) on her that she remembered me a year and a bajillion pedicures later. Sigh.


Finally, as we were headed back to the car I asked a very nice lady to take a photo of us with my phone. She was obviously not farmiliar with smart phones and accidentally took a few too many photos of us. The poor woman was really quite sweet and took twelve photos in all, but when she handed the phone back she wasn't even sure she had taken a single photo. It was very kind of her and in spite of a few misses she did manage to get one near the end.







Then I got to go home to these sweeties and their gorgeous father.

She missed me too.


Anne Jezek said...

Happy Frienniverary to two of the hippest, coolest, most rad-tastic chicks I know! Looks like you guys had a great time! So glad that you two take/make the time to really cultivate and grow this friendship while being spectacular moms, wives, and human beings. Inspiring, I tell you, inspiring!!

Marie Roxanne said...

what a wonderful day both of you had, I had to go to Sarah's blog to see her Mermaid Tears nailpolish color...
I would love to know what "Of Course!" nailpolish looks like. LOL

Maria Rose said...

My polish color was just a bright blue.

Sarah Purdy said...

Aw, shucks, you might not be able to tell with my Memorial Day weekend sunburn, but my cheeks are blushing brighter than a monkey's bum over here! (You're welcome for that visual image.) It's easy to be a good friend when you've got such a wildly intelligent, deliciously funny and knock-out gorgeous lady to call your bestie. Frienniversary Numbero Dos was positively delightful! Thanks for the sweet stranger lady photo montage.

Stacy said...

Sounds like a truly wonderful celebration of your friendship!! Love it.

Emily said...

A fun day celebrating two wonderful ladies!

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