Friday, May 16, 2014

Trial Run

Cordelia's first preschool graduation

Yesterday was Cordelia's first preschool graduation. All of her friends, the ones she has known for half her life, are going to kindergarten next year. She misses the cut off by 13 days (never mind that she has the vocabulary of a 15 year old) and is destined for another year of preschool.

Cordelia's first preschool graduation

She wanted to "graduate" with all of her buddies so we went to graduation last night. It was a way to say goodbye as many of these kids will never see each other again. Of course the closest pals all have mothers with whom I am in contact (summer play dates) and will remain friends.

Cordelia's first preschool graduation

Although it will be strange next year. Many of the other mothers have become friends as we do the pick up and drop off, the play dates, birthday parties, etc. It is the end of a good time with new ones on the horizon.

Cordelia's first preschool graduation

We went to the ceremony last night, not planning on much more than feeling a little bummed out for Cordelia as she watches her pals move forward. Then Cordelia's teacher sang this song, "Let Them Be Little." I think you can imagine that it is about the fleeting nature of childhood. The song is so long when you are trying not to cry. I failed. I cried and tried to cover it up, but the tears wouldn't stop. So, there was that. I feel my feeling ok?!? Don't make me cry about it, because I will.

Cordelia's first preschool graduation

The rest of the graduation was great. The kids sang. They each accepted their diploma, they toured the crowd. Graduation number one down. How many more are there to come? Surely I will cry for each and every one.

Cordelia's first preschool graduation

Motherhood, emotions and stuff.

Cordelia's first preschool 


Sarah Purdy said...

I can't even keep it together to look at these awesome pictures! Kudos for making it through the graduation! At least you'll know to wear waterproof mascara for next year.

RunwithSticks said...

These are the best photos and great ones to look back on when she hits Gr 12 or University! That's too bad about the cut off :( Cordelia (& you!) will make even more new great friends next year :D

Mom said...

Oh wow! It is almost as though you are married to a proessional photographer or something!

Marie Roxanne said...

LOL what "mom" said!

akqguy said...

You own those feelers, you put a lot of time into that little one so feel all you want. And that second to last photo... PRICELESS. It needs framed.

Kate said...

Are you kidding?! SONshine was honored for several achievements at his school's end of year ceremony, an before the ceremony even began, I was crying. I didn't even want to, but all I could think was that tiny boy who gave me a heart and a conscience and a path is going to be in 4th grade. Sigh. But I have today. And tomorrow. And lots of summer. Come on summer break!

Cordelia, as usual, you're quite the little lady.

elizabeth said...

she's freakin' awesome!
i love all her happy skipping. :)
(i cry about stuff too, but it's also so grand to watch them grow!)

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