Monday, June 2, 2014

Flower Girl

Saturday evening was a long awaited night for Cordelia. We attended a wedding of family friends, but for Cordelia it was her big day---FLOWER GIRL TIME!  She has been practicing her big moment, inviting random old ladies from the store, and asking me a bajillion questions about the event.

Friday night we went to rehearsal which lasted over two hours (?!) and Cordelia was quite a trooper. So I was fairly confident that she could hang in there for the service and sit quietly.

When the day finally arrived she wanted to wear her dress all day long, but I wouldn't submit to her demands. So, she hung in there. Thankfully we had a very busy Saturday and she was distracted until the time arrived.

the girls
The girls (with a little pre wedding bread) and me

My handsome husband

Cordelia and Elise


We arrived at the church and Cordelia was ready to meet her admirers. She is such a pro at this kind of thing, you'd think her parents were theater folk. She did her job perfectly. She carefully dropped the petals and even wide stepped around them to avoid crushing the petals. Then she went and sat on her mark to watch the wedding.

flower girl

She may have zoned out a bit.

flower girl

Perhaps she spilled some flowers in her lap.

Flower girl

And yes, she did hold the pail in her mouth and swing it around during a prayer. When I made eye contact and used mom telepathy to tell her to fold her hands she paused, put the pail in her mouth, folded her hands and bowed her head.

The wedding was beautiful and Cordelia was quite pleased with her job and certainly happy with the flower girl attention that she received. It was pretty much heat-melting cuteness.


affectioknit said...


~Have a lovely day!

Sarah Purdy said...

Great job, Cordy! I love the turquoise.

Emily said...

What a great dress! All my girls' flower girl dresses have been way less snazzy-- just simple ivory attire in both weddings. Cordelia rocked it!

Marie Roxanne said...

I love her dress! Did you make it or buy it?

I also like your new glasses, they fit your face just perfectly!

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