Friday, June 13, 2014

Week in Phone Photos Vol. 3

 Let's look back over the week via photos that I took with my phone shall we?

Our local library has a summer reading program that is really great. I am not sure what this mad scientist thing is all about, but it is linked to the program. The girls enjoyed it so that's what really counted.

I threw a baby shower for a friend on Saturday. I love celebrating life events with people, helping them to make memories.

We went to the local antique fair. They have the fair about 4 times a year and we usually hit it up. No major scores this time, but it is always fun to look around.

The girls and I joined Sadie and Sarah for Science Camp, a two hour (hand's on) science class that is geared toward youngsters.

Eric's parents were traveling through the state on their way to a VFW meeting in MT and joined us for mall lunch. The girls were thrilled to have both sets of grandparents all to themsleves.



Marie Roxanne said...

oh my, what did you do with the tragedy? seems like it could be saved...
Love the mad scientist pics!

Kate said...

Fizz , Boom, Read! Ours is doing the same thing, lol. (Is it a nation-wide thing? I don't know. I guess I'm not well-versed in the mystery of the public library programs.) SONshine is thrilled because he's quite interested in chemistry. Dandelion hasn't really noticed the them yet.

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