Friday, June 6, 2014

Week in Phone Photos Vol.2

Today I am sharing phone photos from the last week. Phone photos tend to be a bit more candid and they give a sort of highlight version of the past week.

Often the dogs strategically position themselves at mealtimes unless we remember to tell them to wait in the living room. Helps with after dinner cleaning!

I have been baking our bread instead of buying loaves.

Evening walk with the dogs and kids along the river. Cordelia was proud to walk the trail instead of riding in the stroller. We walked a couple of miles. She slept well.

Elise was content to ride.


Eric and Elise, morning snuggle that just turned into more sleeping.

Elise helps in the kitchen. Both girls love to have a job when I cook or bake.

Eric discusses his art with a friend and fellow artist.

The girls trashed the living room  and had a fantastic time.

Dinner outside

I made root beer floats with soy ice cream and the girls enjoyed it immensely. I could tell it was greatly enjoyed by the mess factor. So of course I haaad to break out the hose and soak them completely, amid squeals of delight.

Then we dried those sweet little lunatics off and sent them to bed.

How has your week been?


Marie Roxanne said...

Sounds like a very fun week! I wish I had little girls to raise, I would have had so much FUN!
Although my son was okay... I think a girl would have made it funner... LOL

Donna said...

What a great way to end your day and get your girls sleepy ... an evening walk. Enjoy your summer!

Emily said...

Still loving the red hair! Also, you'll have to share your favorite bread recipe!

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