Monday, July 28, 2014


I am going a little Martha Stewart on you today and sharing a few random good things. Odds and ends that are making my life happy as of late.

Over the past week we had had more than a few lovely meals with a slew talented artist friends. We really know some fascinating and gifted people. I am always inspired after being around other people who are filling their lives with their passions. It got me to thinking, would you be interested in a feature blog where I introduce you to some of the amazing and creative people I know?

While meeting someone new the other day someone told Elise that she was adorable. She folded her arms across her chest and replied,"I am adorable."

Cordelia has been writing and illustrating books. Her most recent book involved our new kitten Lucy and a cat wedding.

I spent yesterday afternoon cleaning out and organizing the girl's bedroom and closet. They have acquired a bit too much of the stuff, you know the kid stuff that seems to multiply overnight. I have tons of books that have been outgrown to pass along via donation. Clothes to trade for store credit  at the local kid clothing exchange and then plenty for a thrifty donation as well.

Eric and I have a ton of painting deadlines looming ahead so we spent much of the weekend painting. We locked the family and cats in the studio and worked and played and watched kitten antics.

I took a long hike with my bestie for her birthday. Just what the doctor ordered.

Lucy, the new kitten, is about as sweet and spunky as you could possibly hope for.


I am currently enjoying two good books.  Rules of Civility by Amor Towles has such delightful writing that I find myself just re-reading beautifully scripted sentences for enjoyment. The second book is entitled Sightseeing by Rattawat Lapcharoensap, a new friend and gifted author. The book is a collection of short stories that are completely engaging! I have been rewarding myself throughout the week with a story for completing mundane tasks. Have you read either.

My garden is growing quite well this year! I am so happy to be improving my gardening skills a bit more each season.

What's good with you?

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