Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Vinyl Profiles with E.K.: The Cure: Happily Ever After

Today my husband Eric has written a post about...well, I think you will get some insight into my husband from this post and maybe learn a bit about a record in our collection... so without further ado, here's Eric.


Today’s profile is not just about a great vinyl record, but a journey through space and time. Our story begins with a young boy filled with wonder holding tightly to the promise of a better tomorrow. The small trooper was just leaving his tween years at the tender age of 12, but already he was becoming a man, perhaps a man child, but a man none-the-less. His travels had taken him to a mysterious relic of the past known as Tower Records located in the earliest foundations of New Orleans. Within the walls of this ancient tower was a book that held great power and wisdom. As the small child/young man clutched this manuscript in his hands he could feel the power running through his veins like a comet passing by the rings of Saturn. The boy dared not read the title out loud for he knew not of its powers but suspected it could bring harm to those not ready to receive its truth. He raced home as though he was being chased by goblins or phantoms. Once safely within his own private kingdom (technically speaking it was an apartment my sister was renting) the boy removed the book from his Tower Records bag and uttered the words quietly…”The Cure on record”… again, but louder and with more excitement, “THE CURE ON RECORD!!!” Just then lighting struck, thunder roared and the sky parted. What the boy did not know at the time was that by speaking those words aloud he had set in motion a series of events that are still revealing themselves to this day.

The Cure on Record

Feeling like he was soaring on the wings of a dragon, he began looking through the pages. They revealed image after image of every known vinyl record from a band placed by the gods on the English isles some years earlier. The fearless warrior studied the ancient text and knew then that it was his destiny to seek out the vinyl records documented within the pages of this musical scripture. 


And so it was, time did indeed pass and the boy grew into a healthy, strong, very handsome and charming young man. Nearly a decade had elapsed and the man was still seeking out the truth and knowledge of the sacred book. Then, one beautiful fall morning, amongst the woodland creatures of the Rocky Mountains, the fierce fighter found a highly sought after jewel hidden under a hipster dragon’s watchful eye. He held in his hand the record Happily Ever After by The Cure, released only in the supernatural realm of America, it contained not one, but two enchanting albums, Seventeen Seconds and Faith.

And so it was written in the chronicles of kings and the kings of kings, guaranteed to survive several millennia, that the man, once a boy, had found Happy Ever After and it was indeed good. Murals and monuments were created in his honor and the world was forever changed. 

All of which I have just revealed is not for the weak or weary. I ask that you use caution when passing on these ancient tales to your kin. Just as the elders predicted, the power of this story could reverse time and undo all the beauty of this earth if even a single word is uttered before the internal truth and wisdom has been bestowed upon the mind of the chosen prophet.  


So to sum up, the 1981 compilation Happily Ever After by The Cure took a long time to track down but was well worth the wait.

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