Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Parade Day

Yesterday we took Charlotte and Jake to the parade. While there we met up with Sarah and Sadie.

I know I have mentioned Parade Day here on the blog before, but it bears repeating. This town goes bananas for Parade Day which is linked to no particular holiday. Much of the town shuts down. People coat the parade route, having staked out their favorite spot well before the start of the parade. 

Generally it is hot and most of the floats fall into one of the following categories:

1) Business or group floats. Business truck with streamers and employees walking alongside the moving vehicle as they sweat and wave, sometimes tossing stuff to the kids (Cordelia got a beer cozy...). One local business was handing out burritos and a strange older woman came and pushed past the girls, arms in the air waving for a burrito. Nobody gets in between that woman and her free burritos, certainly not adorable girls.

2) Political and or beauty/rodeo queen floats. These are convertible cars with a person sitting on top of the backseat waving, alongside the car there are banners telling us who we are looking at.

3) Dance Troops. So many dance troops.

4) Emergency vehicles. So many emergency vehicles.

And finally the reason we attend...

5) Newscaster floats! This year Eric stepped it up with K2 and photo bombed the float. Watch the photos show how the Newscaster got in on the action! 

He approaches and attracts the attention of our local newscaster.

He hops into position and it is game on.

Newscaster queen bee gets in on the action and photo bombs the photo bomb! Totally meta.

Also, this kid has a future as a photo bomber too. It works on so many levels. So many.

So there you have it, another Parade Day under our belts.


Sarah Purdy said...

We had a lot of fun!

Suzy said...

You and Eric are so funny Maria! I love your blog'. I remember taking my kids to that parade year after year....

Mom said...

Funny post! This is our 11th Summer here and I've yet to see the parade.

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