Friday, August 22, 2014

Phone Photo Friday

Time to unload the phone!

We visited Green River last weekend. Had a lovely trip!

Cordelia has been taking a lot of photos this week. I am thinking future blog post.

Waiting for Eric to finish up as judge at the art festival.

Did a little sketching from the hotel room view.

On our way back from Green River we stopped at Independence Rock.

The girls at Independence Rock.

Wyoming skies

Lucy likes to any Betty Sprinkles.

Elise also took up photography this week.

Sisters reading on a summer afternoon.

My painting on display in a museum.

Hope you have had a lovely week!


Emily said...

It's been great here! Love the sisters reading together photo.

Mom said...

I love the photo of the girls on the bench and the way Cordelia is holding onto Elise. It reminds me so much of the big sister you were.

Victoria said...

What a great week! Mike and I have had a live-in student this week and we have had a flourish of painting and cooking going on!

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