Friday, August 15, 2014

Week in Phone Photos

Friday, when I remember, means it is time for the week in phone photos.

Eric, working on a couple of paintings.

Did some outdoor painting with my friend and fellow artist, Gabby Reeves. Here is my initial sketch of the waterfall.


Elise with her grandparents.

Eric and Cordelia

My shadow

Elise, sticking her tongue out while painting.

Cordelia working with great intensity.

On a walk

Someone at VBS tried to reenvision the spelling of Cordelia's name. Also, the photo! Ha ha!

Sisters and a hound.

Cordelia and I 

Eric and Elise


Mom said...

I love your Friday phone photos!

Marie Roxanne said...

I love the spelling of Cordelia's name, I had a friend who spelled my name the way it sounded to her - Rock Sand

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