Thursday, August 14, 2014

Project: Dia de los Muertos Banner DIY

dia de los muertos banner

Eric and I wanted to have an extra fun night last night. We decided to have a theme night and settled on Mexico. Let me start off straight here, we weren't exactly authentic in every sense of the word (vegans in Wyoming people), but we did use the opportunity to discuss Mexican culture, history and cuisine with the girls. We hope to make this the beginning of a semi-regular event, exploring other cultures through cuisine and crafts inspired by the chosen culture.

Obviously I had to make a vegan meal and tone the delicious traditional flavors down to something my kinda picky daughters would try.

Vegan tamales
Black beans
Homemade guacamole
Vegan sour cream
Tortilla chips
Margaritas for the adults
Mango juice for the girls






Cordelia and Elise

Eric found a great Mariachi playlist on Spotify that we enjoyed all evening.


The Craft: Dia de Los Muertos Banner

  • Balsa wood, I found sheets that were 1/32 of an inch thick, 4inches wide, 24 inches long. The wood was thin enough that I could cut it like paper. I used scissors to cut the strips into 4x6 inch pieces.
  • Paint and brushes or markers
  • Scissors
  • Paper Punch
  • String
  • A few reference images of sugar skulls

1) First you need to prep your wood and then paper punch the top corners of the 4x6 inch pieces of wood.


holes punched

2) Sketch out the sugar skulls onto the wood. If you aren't comfortable with free-handing it, just make a stencil from a print out. I outlined the skulls for the girls in marker as per their request.
drawing for skulls

3) Paint or draw away to your heart's content.
 Elise painting

me painting

Cordelia painting

Mexican Night: Crafting Eric

4) When you are done, look for a pretty arrangement and admire your work. Guess which ones belong to Cordelia and Elise.
sugar skulls

5)String up your pieces. I used a rough twine so that I could leave the wooden pieces free floating and make adjustments in arrangement as needed. The twine is textured enough that the wood won't slide around without my intervention. I used about 15 feet of twine to start and spaced the skulls evenly apart. I also left a few feet on each end for hanging. Done deal.

dia de los muertos banner

dia de los muertos banner


Sarah Purdy said...

The banner looks so cool!

Marie Roxanne said...

for some reason I thought the sugar skulls painting were bigger. so I was surprised to see how small they were! I guess I didn't have anything to compare it to when they were all strung up.

AND Eric's HAIR, pony tail! I love it when guys don't conform to the society dictators of men having short hair. Love the look Eric!

Sarah Spitz said...

que idea muy interesante! I love Spain and I have a really good feeling that i would love latino america and mostly mexico as well...

Have a wonderful weekend! and enjoy el día de los muertos ;-)

Love from Germany and the -fatcatconnection-

Victoria said...

Love this!

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