Saturday, September 6, 2014

Annual Dinner

Last night was the Annual Dinner at the art museum where my husband works. The whole thing is a big fancy schmancy party, art sale, reverse auction---everyone has fun and money is raised for this fantastic contemporary art museum in the middle of Wyoming. 

Eric sent me this photo prior to the event

The dinner is billed as a black tie affair, but it is Wyoming so when you attend a party like this you can bet there will be everything from bolo ties and denim to dresses and tuxedos that cost more than a paycheck. Eric and I enjoy dressing up, but we fall somewhere in the middle ground.

We had a nice time at the party. Of course Eric, as the museum's curator, was working last night. He gave an award to a fantastic local artist and spent much of his time telling people about the amazing art that was for sale.

I am thankful to know so many people in our small-ish community that I was happy to chat and fly a bit solo. I even managed to sneak off from the party for a bit to wander through the galleries, looking at art as I could hear music and laughter coming from the party.

Soon enough we headed home, just as my feet were beginning to ache. My mother had spent her evening with the girls and had sent me a few updates over the course of the night. I was happy be home with the family and to stuff my face...the annual dinner was not vegan friendly so when we made it home we were both ravenous.

How was your Friday?

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