Friday, September 5, 2014

Phone Photo Friday

Phone photo time!

Cordelia doing a little backyard sketching. The rocks on the paper are to keep the paper from blowing away in the Wyoming wind.

My parents went to Montana last week and taunted me with photos.


Lucy discovered the window.

Elise is reading family favorite, Everyone Poops.

The cats are starting to bond!

Elise, wearing a flower crown.

Hair dye.

Yesterday Cordelia fell and did a face plant on the stairs. She had a serious looking goose egg, but today the swelling has gone down and all that remains is a bit of a bruise.

After the minor head injury Cordelia said that a trip to the park would make her feel better... I was happy to oblige. Elise was thrilled to swing.

Cordelia and Eric reading a book after Eric came home from work.


Sarah Purdy said...

What a bump! Glad she's feeling better.

Marie Roxanne said...

What a great hair dye photo! Are those pencils in your hair?
I am getting my hair cut tomorrow, to get rid of my "dye" it will be very short. I will put it on facebook. Before/after pics. I could hardly wait until my friends and family sees it!
My hair is actually white on top and still has color underneath, so it will look like I highlighted my hair with "white" LOL

And about Cordelia? So sorry girl, hope you had a wonderful time at the park!

Mom said...

I love your Friday phone photos!

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