Monday, September 22, 2014

Elise's First Ride

Elise is our adventurous child. She is ready to try most anything and she is fairly confident that she can do anything that anyone else can do. Never mind the fact that she weighs in at 22 lbs and is only two years old.

Yesterday at dinner Eric mentioned that Elise is probably ready to try the tricycle. She absolutely lost her mind when he brought it up; she was so far beyond excited. So obviously we had to follow through. Eric pulled the dusty covered pink and purple tricycle from the back of the garage where it has been waiting since Cordelia graduated to her big girl bike. The tricycle had originally been a second birthday gift to Cordelia, now she was so pleased to pass it down to her little sister.

Elise first bike ride
Don't worry her helmet will be properly adjusted, nobody send me an angry email!

Elise hopped on like a pro and was so ready to go. She got the concept of peddling. Elise was pretty sure that she should be able to go out on her own, but her father was closely watching...thankfully, as she was definitely in "go" mode. Steering the tricycle was certainly not on the top of her list.

Elise first bike ride

Cordelia rode up ahead, battling the ridiculously poufy dress that she insisted on wearing.

Sisters on the go. How will we ever keep up?



Anne Jezek said...

Way to go Elise!! Lookin' like champs on those bikes! Steering, Shmeering...she'll get it eventually. ;)

Sarah Purdy said...

So cute! Love that big sister/little sister pic!

Mom said...

Oh, that look on her face is priceless!

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