Thursday, September 18, 2014

Memento Mori

Most artists and art historians are farmiliar with the term Memento Mori, a Latin phrase that means remember that you must die. I suppose that for many people this is perhaps an unwanted and unsettling reminder of their own mortality, but the tradition of this reminder is old---existing long before even the term was invented, people have used death as a reminder to live their lives.


It is no secret that I am going through a serious skull phase in my creativity. I love them, beautiful and simple. Artistically the skeleton and skull have been themes in the careers of countless artists. One of the first keys to drawing human anatomy is to understand the skeleton that lies beneath the human form, giving us our shape. Most every artist goes through a phase, or phases, where they explore the skeleton within their art.

Private collection  

Recently it seems that death has been more pronounced in our lives, three people I care about have recently passed. Death has been on my mind a great deal.  I think it is only natural that my art has been exploring this theme as I work out my feelings on the subject. Mostly I am thinking of death as not particularly terrifying; sad to be temporarily separated from those we care about...but there is also something unifying about that subject too.

So it has been with a playful and loving heart that I explore this subject. I am thinking about where we are all headed, but also that we are all the same underneath. There is something quite beautiful in that thought I believe.


Click here to see more of the series, I will be adding more pieces over the next several days as they are photographed. If you are interested in purchasing a piece or commissioning a skeleton portrait contact me at maria @ planetwimmer . com

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Victoria said...

When my son was just 4yrs. old he had to have x-rays. As the x-ray tech walked him back to me after the procedure I could see clasped in his tiny hand he was holding his very own x-ray film. The minute he saw me he came running,exclaiming,"Mommy,
Mommy, I have a skeleton in me!!"It was the beginning of a life-long interest in human biology. It is good to know we are mortal.

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