Monday, September 1, 2014

No Surprise

I suppose it should come as no surprise to me. Eric and I are both artists and we make art constantly. We never planned to raise our children to be artists (because it is a tough career choice), but we always wanted to raise children who appreciate the arts.  Well, we succeeded at that goal and we aren't quite five years into this parenting gig. Our children love the arts. Of course I assumed, pre-kids, that creating was pretty much one of the first inclinations we humans have. I was wrong on that end, creation is the second real impulse that I noticed...after destruction. We humans do love to destroy, but we also love to create.

When our girls were first able to grab a crayon in their chubby baby hands I was there, ready with paper to encourage their scribbles. Of course art is not my sole focus in their education, but I have found that both girls find creating as a way to unwind. Often, after Cordelia has been working really hard on a new skill (reading!) she likes to chill out and paint or draw. Elise is happy to paint always.

The girls sketching in the back yard

I give painting lessons on Saturdays. Cordelia has been asking to have lessons from me as well. So we settled in this weekend and started our first official "lesson" as she was dead set on calling the mother daughter time. Eric and Elise spent some time together outside of the studio so it was just Cordelia and I together. I love watching her focus and intense concentration, something new in her development.

Cordelia painting

I have no expectation about where this effort will go. Each girl has their own path to follow, but I sure do appreciate the time that I have to share a passion with these girls.

Cordelia painting

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