Saturday, September 27, 2014

Teepee Painting

The other day I was hanging out in the back yard with the girls. They can play together back there all afternoon. Often times their play involves running back and forth from the bench to the teepee and then to their little slide thing. They giggle a lot. Sometimes there are monsters chasing them. Sometimes there is a tornado coming. Mostly though, they are princesses (yep, it is impossible to avoid Princess play) and they have many kingdoms to watch over.

I absolutely adore this time. I step back and let them be kids. Honestly this is one of the best parts of parenthood, watching your kids play and create and enjoy each other.

Generally now I am not wanted or needed during these times. I just work on the yard, paint, rake leaves, whatever. I only intervene when requested. The other afternoon was one such time. The girls were a bit bored/hungry/cranky. I pulled out some paints and handed them over to each girl and let them paint all over  their teepee. Instant distraction!

Cordelia had a game plan. Elise just went crazy!

A good hour was burned as they painted on their awesome teepee. For the record we have gotten so much use out of this simple teepee. I highly recommend that you try one.

Cordelia wrote me a message,"Love Mom."

Nice afternoon distraction.

Have a beautiful Saturday. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Maria Rose

Is the teepee just poles and an old sheet, or did you buy a kit?

Are there any construction tips for putting a teepee together?



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