Wednesday, October 8, 2014

From the Road

We are up and at it early today. Eric had some work in the northern part of the state yesterday. The girls and I drove up with him. 

Wyoming is beautiful this time of year. The grasses are all yellow and crisp, they stand out golden against the blue Wyoming skies. We passed deer and a bajillion antelope. Eric and I talked the whole trip and the girls enjoyed movie watching and family chatting.

We arrived in Powell and checked into our hotel. Then it was on to dinner with artists and art professionals. The girls were champs, sitting through an adult dinner after a long car ride. I worked like a pro to keep the girls happy and mellow.  They did well for 2 and 5!

After dinner we attended an art opening for Sarah Williams. I stuck around with the girls until their bedtime. We got to listen to much of her talk, which was fantastic, before Elise started loudly asking, "What should I do? I think my arm hurts!" It was at that point that the girls and I made our exit. Eric stayed on in a professional capacity. Once  the girls were asleep I sat in the hotel room and watched cable tv as I worked on a painting.

This morning we are up and on the road before the sun. Eric has to get back for work and we have a beautiful drive home ahead of us.


Sarah Purdy said...

Beautiful picture! Wyoming's been bringing it lately.

Anonymous said...

I tried to figure out the drive... so the online calculations were 4 1/2 hours, long drive and the girls behaved, you trained them well!

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