Friday, October 17, 2014

Phone Photo Friday and Disposable Camera Challenge Update

 Hello and happy Friday to you. Time for the phone purge!

Last week we had some fog. We live in the foothills area so we get a lot of lingering fog this time of year and it is lovely.

We were part of the opening event at Scarlow's Gallery which was a huge opening night, the place was jam packed!  Eric and I had a great time and my mother was home hanging out with the girls. She sent us slow motion videos of Cordelia leap-froging Elise.

She also sent this sweet pic.

Sam's lovely girlfriend Alaysha had a birthday. She likes pumpkin pie for her b-day.

Elise is too cool.

My father, buried beneath his adoring granddaughters, flanked by hounds.

Finger gun to good hair days.


Two hounds and a cat.

Cordelia had a pre-school visit by the firefighters. She got to try her hand at the fire hose.

I posed the girls in front of the fire truck, they were way too distracted by the loud noises made by the truck to pose.
Elise does this when asked to smile....eyes clench, under-bite tooth clench, every facial muscle flexed.


The disposable camera challenge has hit a small snag...the flash died. I am pretty sure that one of the girls got into my purse and turned the flash on, but it isn't too big of a problem. Now I just have to take well lit shots. How are you doing?

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Sarah Purdy said...

No flash? Psssh. No problem!

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