Friday, November 28, 2014

Phone Photo Friday

Hello everyone and happy Friday! Are you shopping today? We don't have any plans on that front, but we will need to venture out in search of a few necessities so we will certainly find ourselves in the shopping chaos at some point. Well, I suppose I should unload my phone photos.

Last Saturday the girls went to a birthday party at the art museum. They painted masks and in spite of a legendary meltdown they had a good time with friends.

Elise painted her mask pink and purple...always pink and purple.

Sunday was a performance by Cordelia's preschool. Elise really thought she should get down there and sing with her big sister; she knew all of the songs. No photos to share of Cordelia's performance as she was with a group of other kids whose parents may or may not want their kid on the internet. 

Sunday night dinner at my parents. They let the dogs on the couch, something that troubles Eric. Since Eric missed family dinner we sent him taunting photos of Betty on the couch.

My mother kept things more traditional and cuddled with Elise instead of a dog.

I asked Eric to pick up a stud finder. This is what he sent me via text a short while later.

And this.

At school Cordelia was asked to share what she was thankful for. 

We got some snow this week. It was a lovely snowfall because it didn't come with insane wind or unbearable cold.

With the nice snowfall the girls were able to suit up and spend some time out in the snow.

Lucy got a new toy.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and this is the only kind of turkey we feel happy to eat.

My youngest brother Sam and his girlfriend Alaysha joined us for Thanksgiving dinner.

We decided to play dress up and have a time travel Thanksgiving. More on that tomorrow...

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