Tuesday, November 25, 2014


These sisters are something else; what I always imagined sisters should be to each other. They are loving and kind and thoughtful. Each girl gives regular affirmation to the other, telling her sister that she is smart or funny or kind or beautiful...all without our parental prompting.  Their joys are shared joys. Their pain is shared pain. It is a thing of beauty and I feel so honored to be able to watch this relationship develop.

Cordelia and Elise

Cordelia and Elise

Cordelia was the age Elise is now while I was pregnant with Elise. Eric and I dreamed about sisters who would have a beautiful friendship, but this is already far better than we had imagined.

Cordelia and Elise


Victoria said...

Sisters! Sisters! Sisters!!!!

Sarah Purdy said...

So sweet! I just love Cordy's haircut.

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