Monday, November 17, 2014

Slowing Down Weekend


Life has been pretty hectic lately. Between Eric working as co-interim director at the museum, his band schedule, our art careers,  my several teaching jobs, speaking engagements, writing and photography deadlines, volunteer work, oh and parenting, maintaining friendships, life/home maintenance---we are always so busy. People will often ask what we are up to and Eric and I will make eye contact that essentially says,"how deep do we want to take this?" Mostly when people ask what I have going on I just list off a couple of things and then I stop myself. I mean most people are just being polite and don't want to hear or even care what we are doing. We are always doing something! 

I suppose part of that is just being artists. We are working on projects, sketching, working on ideas at all times. We rarely just sit around. I mean even when we watch a movie we will often work while watching. Most artists I know are like this, and while it is work it is also part of being. Creatives tend to work always, we don't stop when the clock hits five.

Regardless of this I don't really think there is much value to constantly being busy. People regularly tell me,"I don't know how you do it." And it certainly doesn't make me feel proud. Instead I wish I could tell people that I did nothing all day. I mean beyond parenting and creating.

With that in mind Eric and I mostly took the weekend off. Sure I gave some painting lessons and Eric had practice, but on Saturday the girls never left the house. They got to wear whatever they wanted; Cordelia wore a dress with no tights (an indoor treat in the frigid cold) and Elise opted to stay in pajamas with a red straw hat. We sat around. We read!!! We played. It was wonderful to just turn off a bit. 

So now I am going to make more of an effort to scale back a bit. I have a lot going on and that is great, but I also understand the value of empty hours.

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Sarah Purdy said...

I agree! Frigid cold temps outside really helped me pair down plans. Do we really need to go to the grocery store? How badly do I need to go to Target? Playdate? Nah. Let's just stay home and stay cozy. Which is exactly what we did, too.

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