Monday, December 8, 2014

Model Behavior

We have friends who own a great local business called Derby (click here) and when we were asked to participate as models in a Rally event to promote local businesses we couldn't really decline. Modeling, even on the smallest scale, is waaaaay outside of our comfort zone. However, Eric and I are always pushing the girls to try new we followed our own advice. Plus our friend Amy, who works at Derby, has these beautiful doe eyes and, even though we discussed the modeling thing over texts and email, I pictured her big imploring eyes and I couldn't refuse.

Saturday night we arrived at the gallery, transformed into a fashion/local business show. The girls were totally beyond excited. Cordelia knew what was in store for her and her enthusiasm rubbed off on Elise who kept shouting on the drive over,"ARE WE AT THE FASHION SHOW YET!!???"

We did hair and makeup. When the makeup lady saw my cleanly scrubbed face she asked if I had already applied my makeup (nope), then told me I had lovely skin I nearly hugged her. My acne addled 11-29 year old self has never ever been told such a thing. Seriously I should probably add her to our family Christmas card list. I will send her cards with a return address of: The Girl You Said Has Nice Skin.

I will share a few behind the scenes shots on Friday, but here are a few that the event photographer agreed to let me share.All of the photos here were taken by photographer Raymond Craig, check out his site here.

Cordelia wanted to walk the "runway" solo. She is quite the little starlet/fashionista in the making. The event director had her wear a little lipstick and mascara, which was a crazy sight for us to see, but she felt pretty cool. She told me, "I was so embarrassed to be wearing lipstick." However, she spent a lot of time backstage gazing at her reflection. I assured her that this was a one time deal, we are no beauty pageant family. Anyway, she strutted her stuff and did a fantastic job. Werk it gurrl.

I mentioned that this wasn't exactly a traditional fashion show, it was mostly just to feature local businesses. here Eric is modeling for Wind City Books.

Here I am with Elise. She was definitely strutting her stuff. She even tried to dance a wee bit. Actually as we were making our entrance she leaned out to bust a move and I leaned back for counter-balance and hit a star decoration which stuck to the sweater I was wearing. It wasn't a bit deal, but still.

Here is Eric modeling some more. Side note: They put his hair in a bun for this and everyone kept calling it a "man bun" which gave Eric a new pet peeve. So, don't call it a man bun if he puts his hair up, it's just a bun.

Finally we have Eric pretending to spill his empty coffee cup on the photographer, who is a friend of his.

The girls and I did our walk and had to skeedaddle as it was soooo far past their 7pm bedtime. Eric stayed on to continue modeling. I had the girls in bed by 9(!) and quickly removed the thick plaster of makeup from my face. All in all it was so worth the discomfort to support great local business.

And now, Eric's runway walk made me want a 90s hit for those of you who like Right Said Fred.


Sarah Purdy said...

How fun! I'm bummed that I missed it. You guys all looked great!

Arden Pallas said...

Between this post and your recent post about authenticity, you've inspired me to do something outside of my comfort zone as a shy person - which is to say hello! Catching up on you and your family's creative adventures is always a pleasure.

I'm glad your foray into modeling was worth it! You all look confident and fantastic.

Maria Rose said...

Thank you so much for introducing yourself! Nice to meet you!

Stacy @ Sweethearts + Sweet Tarts said...

Your girls are adorable! This must have been so much fun. And if someone said the same thing about my skin, then I'd be really super happy about it too!

Stacy said...

I like the bun. Cordelia looks like such a little model!! It looks like a fun night overall.

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