Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tofu Confessions

Tou Confessions by rootedvegan.com

Recently while out for a jog with a friend we were talking about tofu (like you do) and she suggested that I confess to you a few of my major tofu mistakes. I thought this would be the perfect place to confess my mistakes and to tell you what I should have done instead. Hopefully you will learn something or at least get a good laugh. Please feel free to share your best tofu mistakes.

1) The Story: I had some random hippie cookbook that suggesetd 1/4 c of tofu would be a perfect replacement for an egg in baked goods. Great! I tried it out on a birthday cake for a friend! I used a blender to liquefy that 1/4 c of tofu and followed the recipe. I put it into the oven, confident that all would be well. When the timer rang out I took a look, toothpick ready to insert into the center as recommended, and I came upon a chocolate soup. I baked it for hours. I was 20, let's use that as an explanation. Anyway. We ended up with a goopy chocolate nightmare. My friend was so sweet and spooned it into her mouth, but come on!

What I should have done: I should have bought Ener G Egg Replacer or looked into a baking substitution guide online! I also should have burned that cookbook instead of inflicting it on a thrift store.

2) The Story: A casual acquaintance told me about scrambled tofu. She said she just crumbled extra firm tofu into a skillet and treated it exactly like scrambled eggs, a little oil, a little salt and pepper. I tried it and the result was so bland.

What I should have done: I should have added veggies, garlic, salsa, nutritional yeast, turmeric, soy cheese, anything!

3)When I first went vegan I had never ever EVER tried tofu. I didn't know what it looked like, how it tasted, or what it was made from. In spite of that fact I took myself to the grocery store and bought my very first block of tofu. I chose poorly. I grabbed a block of soft silken tofu. I had intended to do some kind of marinating/baking thing. For those of you that are new to tofu, silken tofu is different that regular tofu. Silken tofu, as it's name suggests, has a silky smooth texture. Silken and soft tofu does not hold a shape. It is good for things like smoothies and baking---definitely not marinating/baking. So, things did not go well for me there. Not at all. It was too gross to even eat.

What I should have done: I should have used extra firm regular tofu, pressed the tofu, marinated and baked.

4) The first time I tried to make sweet and sour tofu I cubed my tofu before draining and I plopped those cubes into a skillet with oil. I let them cook for about 10 minutes and then called it good. It was not good. The tofu was flavorless, goopy and nasty.

What I should have done: I should have pressed the tofu before cubing, cooked the tofu in a smidge of olive or sesame oil and flavored it with a sprinkle of garlic powder, onions, or almost anything. I should have let that tofu sit until it was golden.

5) OK, this one is bad. For the first Thanksgiving as a married woman I was dead set on making my own tofu turkey. I used some random internet recipe that involve shaping tofu with cheesecloth. It did not work. It was so gross and I hadn't even given it a trial run so we were stuck eating sides (thank goodness those were OK) for our first Thanksgiving. To add insult to injury we were without a kitchen table at the time so my husband of 5 months sat one one end of our coffee table, cross legged on the floor, while I was at the other.

What I should have done: I should have purchased a tofurkey or made a stuffed butternut squash. There was no saving that crazy recipe


affectioknit said...

funny stories...I do love me some tofu though...not so much in baked goods...

~Have a lovely day!

affectioknit said...

funny stories...I do love me some tofu though...not so much in baked goods...

~Have a lovely day!

Arden Pallas said...

I once tried to make tofu scramble using undrained, unseasoned tofu that I cooked for about five minutes. I made a desperate attempt to disguise it with ketchup. Your tips would have been much more helpful!

Maria Rose said...

Yikes! Ketchup makes most things better, but there is no helping soggy tofu.

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