Monday, December 22, 2014

Setting the Girls Free in the Dollar Store

Be advised that you should not read this post until after Christmas if you are: My mother, father, Sam, Ben, Alaysha, Casual Sara, or Eric.

A little over a month ago the girls started doing their chores for money, earning a little extra to buy Christmas gifts for the family. Each chore earned them about fifty cents each. When they had saved up enough we decided that it was time to Christmas shop, at the dollar store! I love taking them in and just letting them go crazy, guiding them only when absolutely necessary. 

I thought you might find it amusing to see what they came up with.

My mother will receive a flower shaped glow wand, a rubber cow face bath toy, and a plastic red pepper from Elise. 

From Cordelia she will receive a wine glass that reads "Diva." Extra funny because my mother doesn't drink. 

My father will receive a red sparkle hat, see photos, from Elise. From Cordelia he will get a lion shaped bath puff. 

My brother Ben is getting a purse from Cordelia and a plastic lemon from Elise. His wife Casual Sara will be thrilled by plastic grapes from Cordelia and a sponge from Elise. 

Sam, my youngest brother will be getting bags of chips from both girls and a glow wand axe from Elise. His girlfriend Alaysha will be getting a star glow wand from Cordelia and Sponge Bob Kleenex from Elise. 

Our almost family friend Laura received a watch and a mini recycling can from Elise. From Cordelia she received Sponge Bob individual Kleenex packs.

Elise chose a pitchfork glow wand for Eric. Cordelia got him a green candle and then later lost her mind when Elise told Eric, ruining the thrill of opening a candle on Christmas morning.

So you can see that my family will be enjoying some heart warming gifts!


Stacy said...

What awesome (sweet) gifts!

Mom said...

Well, let it be known that I did NOT peek and read this until after Christmas. I LOVE my diva wine/orange juice glass! I am also delighted with my plastic pepper, glow flower and the cute little cow (which turns out to be a coin purse rather than a bath toy). I love that your girls get to do this shopping themselves.

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