Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Then the Sun Comes Up

I wake up in the night, thinking of things that need to be done. I write mental lists throughout the night for all that I will accomplish the next day. I will clean out the garage. Call in about that pesky insurance claim that needs to have the smack laid down (I did that yesterday and I fiiinally won). I will figure out how to style Elise's hair while we wait for the mullet to grow out, thanks to the lady at the salon who in two snips gave my girl a semi-mullet or semullet, if you will. I will make and deliver cookies in the vintage tins I have gathered and cleaned. I will ship the last few packages and send emails telling their recipients that I am sorry I couldn't get my poop in a group enough to send their packages earlier. Mostly the packages don't get sent because the post office, particularly at this time of year, is the worst place in the entire world. Don't get me wrong, postal employees are quite helpful as they charge me $60 to send a small package to Europe (the price of having worldly friends). Actually our postal delivery guy seems to be hinting at a holiday gift of some sort. Is that really a thing? I mean it would make sense if we didn't have three different postal workers delivering our mail in a given week---and they definitely sometimes forget to stop by our house. Blargh, maybe I should make them all cookies and put them in cute vintage tins. Anyway...I digress.


Where was I?


Oh yeah, painting a mental picture. I am up at all hours of the night because I am a natural insomniac, planner, worrier and mother who lives in a house with many snoring creatures (human and animal). I average 4-6 hours, so the rest of the night I am laying there in the dark like a creeper. I think crazy thoughts and make my plans for the day to come. It is dark, but not the kind of dark that promotes sleep as there are little night lights scattered throughout the house. I can see enough to make out shapes and some details. Of course the clock is right there making sure that I am aware of every moment that passes. I use it like a countdown, eager to get the day started and whittle away at all of the the plans that I made. Eventually I will fall back into sleep and have the weirdest dreams! Seriously, remind me to tell you about the one where Nick Jonas (who is he anyway?) was punching the corners my house while clenching $30,000 in his fists in some sort of ritual that was supposed to pay off our mortgage. The point is I finally settle in for sleep.




Then Cordelia comes in looong before the sun is up. She does awesome things like shout whispering, super wiggly cuddles, face poking, and turning on lights, stomping and generally working her magic until I get up. Then I assumed that I will soon dig in and make my lists come together. Then the sun comes up and there is reality. Sure, I will do a few things on my mental lists, but mostly I will just do the basics. I play with the girls, do some cleaning, do some laundry, we read, we run errands. Then, before I know it the day is nearly over and the packages waiting to be mailed seem to have magically grown into a larger pile, but it doesn't really matter because the day was simple and good and I need more of those.



The other day Eric took the girls out to get some Christmas errands done and I immediately thought about all that needed doing, but I have been fighting off a lame cold and I decided to pause and listen to my body. I laid down on the couch and watched two episodes of House Hunters International on Netflix. I can't even remember the last time I did a thing like that. Sure, I was a sick mess, but it was still so glorious. I think that I am working on a resolution for the new year...something about working hard but still making time to do absolutely nothing. I don't know, I will figure it out I suppose.


I feel like I am rambling here. I hope that is OK. There probably isn't really a point to this message other than letting myself off the hook. Today I plan to do some necessary work, but mostly I don't want to accomplish much. I am going to shake of the last of this cold and then see what is what tomorrow.

Update: Bumblebee's tumor was benign! Hooray!

Perhaps we will take a trip to the library. Maybe I will read a bit while the girls play, but I am not going to check work email. I won't be finishing any paintings today...actually I probably will as I kinda feel like painting now that I said that, but for fun!

Snow Globe

I hope that you are slowing down and easing into the holidays as well. Thanks for reading my ramble. Have a nice Tuesday.

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