Saturday, January 24, 2015

Glory of the West

We just took a short trip to the motherland, Montana! Eric had work in Billings and we decided to make it a family affair. We took the short drive to Billings  after Elise's dance class on Thursday.

While the roads were all perfectly clear there is still plenty of snow. Our hotel room had a view of the pool, inviting.

We checked in and freshened up a bit, meaning we shook the crumbs out of the girls' coats and I put on some lipstick. Then we headed over to the Yellowstone Art Museum (YAM) for the art event that Eric had juried several months back. We knew several of the artists featured (not the ones he had chosen/juried) and it was great fun to be a bit anonymous in a museum. With Eric's high profile job he is fairly in demand at local events. 

The next morning we grabbed some breakfast and stopped by the mall, with the indoor play area.

Then we headed to my childhood hometown in Harlowton. A small town of about a thousand it has changed very little since we left. We visited a few of my old friends and met a special little baby, daughter of my friend Robin.

Our visit was short and sweet. A few quick visits and we headed back to Billings.

We ate dinner at an Asian fusion restaurant. Then it was back to the hotel and bed for the girls. Both girls have been fantastic travelers, but they were pretty tuckered out by bedtime.

Now we are up and running, headed back to Wyoming! Don't worry, we will travel safe and sanitary.

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Mom said...

Happy you got to go, happy you are back!

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