Friday, January 23, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 1.23.15

Well hello there! How are you doing? Have you had a nice week? Ours has been jam packed! Let's review the highlights as recorded by my trusty sidekick, my phone.

Elise and Cordelia  like to play dress up by wearing raincoat and too big rain boots. They clomp around the house looking for places to take cover from imaginary downpours.

I taught a class on painting with acrylic ink last Saturday. 

No idea what is happening, but it sure is cute.



Cordelia, prepping for her first ballet class.

Look at that ballet grace.

Sunset, with no filter or color correcting. 

Elise working on some vegan jello.

Almost snuggling old and young cat.

Wednesday morning.

Cordelia's preschool took a trip to the Trail's Center. Elise was allowed to tag along and was mostly treated like a star by the other kids. She was left out of this wagon train ride and has mentioned it several times since. We may need to go back for a ride.

Cordelia was a proud sister! Yesterday she was telling Eric about how her good friend had been playing a lot with a boy and how she was a bit sad. Eric gave her some good fatherly advice about how it is good to have lots of friends. She replied,"Well at least I will always have one friend, Elise."

The staff at the Trail's Centet dressed Elise like a tiny pioneer. She was proud.

Just a random photo of our kitchen.

Elise had her first dance class yesterday, full report on Monday and you will see this photo again because it is the sweetest!

Happy weekend!


Mom said...

Great photos, once again! I love that Elise is up on her toes, even in her pink sneakers.

Stacy said...

Cute photos and your kitchen looks so welcoming!!

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