Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Today I want to share the books that we are reading. I tried it once before and enjoyed the process. Hopefully you will too. First let's look at what I am reading the girls and then I will share what I am reading.

For Christmas the girls were given the French version of We're Going on a Bear Hunt (La chase à l'ours) by the Copelands who know that I am working to introduce French to the girls. The book is in both French and English. I read one page in French and then English. The girls are fascinated to hear a second language. Cordelia easily picks up on cognates and has begun to recognize recurring words. 

Honestly I thought the girls would be rather bored by the book and it would be me forcing it on them. Instead they have both requested it several times! And hearing them speak a tiny bit of French is so adorable. So next week I am sure they will both be fluent....

Last week I met up for a weekly walk with a friend. We fully mom it up as we walk up and down this indoor strip mall kind of thing. We each bring our two year old child and we walk and talk for about an hour. Often we talk about the books we are reading as we are both avid readers. Last Wednesday she brought me a book called Orphan Train and told me that I should wait until I had time to binge read because it is that kind of book. I did not wait until I had time, but I dove in anyway.


She was right, this is the kind of read that is easy and satisfying. The writer, Christina Baker Kline weaves together two story lines of orphaned children from the past century. Normally this isn't the type of subject that would even catch my interest, but I gave it a whirl since my friend recommended it so highly. The book can be read just as it is, but it also digs into a larger conversation about how our culture has handled children who are left without a family. Baker does a great job of switching back and forth between the story lines and developing the characters in a manner that feels natural. I don't want to give too much here, but I do recommend this book.

What are you reading?

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Victoria said...

When I was in third grade my grandmother gave me a book with basic French phrases, numbers, etc. I remember feeling so excited to learn a foreign language that would make it possible for me to communicate with someone in another country! I promised myself that if I studied hard and learned all the French numbers, days of the week, months, etc. by heart, I would some day travel to France. I did it, of course, and always felt so confident and a little smug while reciting French numbers!...and, the rest is history!! So happy the girls are excited too!! xo

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