Tuesday, February 17, 2015


We have had an unusually mild winter this year. Lots of temps in the 50s, not a ton of snow, rain even. I hate winter driving and the wind here where we live is generally intense this time of year, so winter is not always my most favorite season in Wyoming. This year has been different. We have gotten to spend a lot of time outside. Temps that aren't in the below zero range means that the girls can spend time outside too.

Yesterday we got quite a lot of snow, but the temperatures stayed pretty warm at or just below freezing. This meant that outside play was an option and we definitely took advantage of it and enjoyed ourselves outside.

cordelia and i

Cordelia snow


elise snow

cordelia snow


elise snow

Cordelia snow


Anne Mason-Jezek said...

Love the photos! The close up of you is particularly gorgeous.

Maria Rose said...

Thanks Anne!

Mom said...

Yes, all were fun photos but your close-up with the snowflakes is absolutely stunning!

Sarah Purdy said...

Holy moly! So snowy! You ladies look beautiful as always! I'm totally crushing on your boots! I need new boots.

elizabeth said...

perfect snow.
you and your girls are lovely!

Stacy @ Sweethearts + Sweet Tarts said...

Awesome photos! It looks like you and the girls had a great time in the snow! I bet it was great to have some milder weather too. We've had record high temps in OR all week and I doubt we'll see any valley snow this winter.

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