Monday, March 30, 2015

Five and a Half

Yesterday Cordelia turned five and a half. Family tradition now requires us to not only remember this date, but to celebrate with a half of a birthday cake. We spent the day normally, well normal in that we had to make an "emergency" (not an emergency) vet visit to deal with the sudden onset of a raging UTI for Miss Bumblebee who gets one each spring like clockwork.

Once Bumblebee was made comfortable with antibiotics and anti inflammatory meds we proceeded as normal. Our afternoon was spent lounging around the house---well, I did some laundry and cleaning. Mostly though we were just relaxed and casual. Cordelia did tell everyone we encountered yesterday that it was her half birthday, even though I reminded her that most people don't celebrate half birthdays.

Later we had pizza with my parents and my brother Sam. We took a walk along the river and of course we had half a birthday cake. The day was beautiful. Obligations were few. It was lovely.

A few notes about Cordelia at five and a half:
-She is searching for greater independence and Eric and I are scrambling to grow with her.
-She is very thoughtful. When she is given something independently from her sister she always asks for one for her sister.
-Girl feels emotions fully. I know she gets that from me. On the positive end she is so very loving and giving. On the other end she is easily frustrated. Mostly though she is just a deep feeler. I do believe that this will end up being one of her greatest gifts and one of her greatest burdens.
-She is very smart. Loves math and science. Astronomy has been a constant fascination. She is able to add and subtract easily in her head and she can add and subtract large numbers on paper. 
-I am going to call it, she is a lefty! We have long suspected that she was left handed, but only in the past few months has it become apparent.
-She is funny! Always happy to crack a weird joke. She revels in being the source of laughter.
-She is such a gift to our family.


Stacy said...

Yay for lefties! And yay for half birthdays! I'm glad it was a great day, minus the UTI.

Sarah Purdy said...

Happy half birthday (plus one day) Cordelia!

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