Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Did I pull you in with that header? No, not going to China (checks bank account for extra 10 grand, sighs), but my face was in China today. I looked into a bright pink Shanghai apartment building and onto the beautiful face of my dear friend and cousin, Erin. 

For you long term readers you will know her from our NKOTB concert adventure and as the godmother to both of our girls. 

I haven't seen Erin in person for a very long time. About half a year ago she rid herself of most of her possessions and began a long adventure on the other side of the world.

Now, at any other time in human history this would have meant that we would have had little to no contact for years, or ever. However, thanks to modern technology we are able to stay connected through What's App and Skype.

This morning we passed the phone around the breakfast table. She was ending her day at 11pm as we were just starting our day. 

Cordelia is speaking into my propped up phone here.

We talked about daily life. Shared some book recommendations, laughed, it was great! Of course I would much prefer an in person encounter (which will happen in May!), but I am so thankful for our technologies that allow us to communicate over such a great distance.

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