Thursday, March 26, 2015


Yesterday it snowed, but it was not a winter snow at all. This was a spring snow. A spring snow is a lovely thing indeed, dropping moisture and then melting away before any real damage is done, mostly because none of us Wyoming gardener's have moved our serious work outside yet. Last frost is probably still a way off, but that doesn't mean that there isn't a ton of work to do right now. 

Inside the girls and I have loads of plants started. Our south facing guest room is pretty much a greenhouse at the moment. It is the only place we can keep Lucy (AKA plant killer) from her prowling.  

I have been going through my books and checking more out from the library. I love poring over the pages, dreaming and planning. 

Last year was my best garden yet, and I have big plans for this year. With two slightly older children I have a lot more hands-free time to work in the soil while they play and explore. Although I also have plans for the girls. 

I love their wonder at each new seedling and fascination with the whole process. Earlier this week we spent close to two hours working in the soil, transplanting seedlings. Cordelia talked to the little plants, Elise copied her and the two were whispering encouraging words to our new growth.

Outside while the girls are playing in the yard I am able to clear out the corner here and there and prep the garden beds. Picking up the sticks that fall from the tree, the leaves that snuck past our last raking in the fall, all work that needs attention.

We have been watching the birds feed from the bird feeder. The girls are also getting quite a thrill watching Frisbee (the squirrel or squirrels that live in our trees) trying to break into the bird feeder.

I am day dreaming about back patio dinners with fresh fruits and veggies from the garden. Oh yes, I am looking forward to all of the good days to come!

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mom said...

Oh, sweet days for you and the girls. I love that.

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