Friday, March 27, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 3.27.15

Phone dump comin' atcha.

Elise finally beat her illness and has been making up for lost time by talking nonstop from the moment her eyes open until bedtime.

Cordelia spent a few days under the weather, but seemed to take the illness much better than her sister.

Betty enjoyed some warmer weather.

Elise wore this strange wig and pretended that she was a dog.

The girls did this...whatever it was they were entertained for HOURS!

Elise and her friend Charlie look out the window at a coffee shop.

My dad. I am following through on a threat to post this photo. He is showing off Cordelia's preschool handiwork. 

That is an intense bubble blowing face. Don't get between this girl and her bubbles. You have been warned.

Elise found this feather in the yard and then Betty Sprinkles ate it.

Things are growing!!!

Spotted yesterday.

Girls and I outside.

Lucy. She was chattering out the window at some birds.


Nicole @ GolightlyPlace said...

So cute! Nice that the girls are feeling better. That wig is hysterical and I ADORE their polka dot jackets. I want one for ME! :)

Sarah and Josh said...

Elise in that wig reminded me of when they put the wig on E.T. So cute! Looks like it was a fun week! Yay Spring!!

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