Friday, March 6, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 3.6.15

Hello! Friday again, and guess what....I have phantastic photos phrom my phone phor you.

Last Friday we started out in Cheyenne. We hit the road and returned home as Eric had his opening reception that evening.

Here is a picture of Eric mid-lecture, that is why his mouth is open he doesn't generally just stand around mouth agape. He does talk with his hands though, once a man stopped him while we were walking and asked if Eric was French because he speaks with his hands. 

Cordelia made this for me and my heart exploded.


Here is Eric in our studio. We were going through his photos for an upcoming photography retrospective. The sci-fi painting in the upper left corner is some of my high school art, just fyi.

Sisters and Betty Sprinkles and a little hello from my left big toe (you are welcome).

A tender moment that was followed by running, screaming, giggling, barking, bed.

Lucy, always getting into trouble.

This is what happens when Eric returns from work.

Sick  Elise earlier this week. When she is sick she asks,"My throat is hurting (sound like my froat is hoiting), what should I do?"

Snowy night.

Betty Speinkles tries to put me into some sort of mind-control trance wherein I allow her to snuggle when and where she likes (everywhere and always).

Lucy did this

And this

Dogs were bathed this week. Incidentally the tub was cleaned with greater than usual vigor.

My dad with the girls. They adore him.

Cordelia sometimes feeds Elise.

These snuggles happened.

And there was some cat spooning this week as well.

How are you?


affectioknit said...

...the road picture reminded me of our recent trip to WY...I loved the doggie nose and snuggles photos...I have a zipper pull just like your bracelet...

~Have a lovely day!

Mom said...

I love phone photo Phriday!

Emily said...

Haha, cat spooning.

Your girls are getting so big and are so full of life! :)

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