Tuesday, April 21, 2015


It is almost Earth Day! Time to celebrate and care for the planet we all call home. Did you know that being vegan is one of the best ways to care for the planet? Look into it!

Another way to lessen your negative impact on our planet is through simple adjustments in your waste output. Ever thought about composting?

composting 101 rooted vegan

I love to try and use up leftover food. I will freeze, rework, blend, do about anything to use up food.  Sometimes there comes a point where you just have to call it a day. Your food has its own eco system. Time to get rid of it...but don't just throw it away, that is bananas. You can compost, You don't need acreage to compost, just a quiet corner of your patio or yard.

We are here to help you get started. First you need to decide what you can do with the space you have. You will need to do a little internet search of your own to find the right composter for you. I assure you that you can compost in your apartment, on your farm, anywhere in between.

You will also want to consider your time commitment. There are composting timetables that are available for people of all schedules. There is no excuse not to compost, none.

Lazy composting is where you fill up your bin and let nature do its thing. I have a bin made from palettes (thank you Pinterest) that I have filled up. I water it when I think of it and a few times a year I toss it around with a pitchfork. The turnaround to usable compost is much longer, but if you have the space it is easy with 3 going at a time. The rule of three is : One ready to use, one that you are adding to and one that is cooking.

Active composting happens when you use things like barrels, worms or any composter that works quickly. Again I recommend the rule of three (See above). I have a barrel composter that you rotate and add water too. I filled it up last spring and plan to use it as soon as the snow from Walda melts off.

Now that you have a bin, what do you put in it?

Stuff you can compost
Green Stuff
Any veggies or fruits. This means all of the stuff you trim off of your food as well as the stuff that you forgot about in the back of your refrigerator.
Some yard stuff like grass clippings, dead plants (that haven't gone to seed), leaves
 Brown Stuff
Cardboard, broken down
Shredded paper and newspaper
Coffee grounds, filters and all

Stuff you shouldn't compost
Animal products----good thing we're vegan
Anything treated with pesticides
Weeds that have gone to seed.
Fats, this means some of your leftovers should not be composted lest you attract vermin
Animal poo. Manure is one thing if you want to collect that in a vegan way (scooping it up for a farm sanctuary?), but cat and dog poop needs to go in the trash.

How to get compost that doesn't smell like freak funk
Mix brown and green. Too much green and your bin will stink. Too much brown and it will just sit there. So, do a combo. Keep it moist, not soaked, just moist. Water it if it gets too dry. Easy.

What to do with it
When you have something that resembles soil just mix it in with your garden. Boom. You just composted, now go and hug the Earth and it will hug you back!

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