Friday, April 17, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 4.17.15

Happy Friday everyone! Time for a phone dump! 

We started last Friday by heading to Cody, WY for a conference. While there I recalled that the girls had recently asked me if horses are real. What?! I am certain they have seen horses, we live in Wyoming, but I decided to drive out of town and show them the reality of horses.

We stayed at the historic Irma hotel and its historic artifacts included a desk from the 1980s and a TV circa 2000! Fascinating specimens.

Halfway home we stopped in the small town of Thermopolis and Eric sniffed out a skate park, this one is endorsed by Pica$$o.

While Eric skated at the "skate park" in Thermopolis the girls and I took a stroll around the springs.

Ophelia, just being ancient.

We celebrated my father's birthday this week. The girls gifted him with a pink plastic rose, their choice.

I celebrated my father's birthday with a style combo I want to call Hippie Athena.

We went out for dinner with the family.

Laura and Cordelia.

Elise was clinging to my mother like a little monkey. She loves her grandparents.

Eric taught the girls to bowl. Elise never showed much interest in knocking the pins down. She felt complete having shoved her ball down the metal ball guide.

Here we have my father pretending to blow out an unlit birthday candle. Apparently, as I took this photo, I mimed candle blowing along with my father. Eric was happy to point this out to me. I am also guilty of making tooth brushing faces when I brush my daughter's teeth.

On Tuesday it was warm enough for shorts!

The girls stripped down to their undies and played in a dirt filled bathtub. We have a dirt filled bathtub in our back yard.

Then I gave them Popsicles.

The mess cannot be expressed in photos, but they had fun...then they had a bath. A filthy tub ring kind of bath.

The next day it snowed.

Well, hello!

This. Take it all in right here.

Hope you have a glory filled day!

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Sarah Purdy said...

What a fun week you had! Still can't believe that snow. Sheesh. Simmer down, Mother Nature!

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