Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Eric's Birthday Part 1

We had a two part birthday for Eric. There is a good reason and I will explain tomorrow, but first let me share part 1 of Eric's birthday.

Part 1 was the standard birthday at my parents' house. We met up for dinner and dessert. I made vegan enchiladas, Eric's favorite. Then, instead of cake, he wanted lemon squares.  

The whole crew was there, well--the crew from our town. 

Laura, Sam, my dad.

Sam and Elise.

We sat and watched as Eric opened his presents.

That is a Nikki Sixx skateboard in case you were wondering.

The girls were eager to help as well. They always want to help on birthdays. Always and with intensity.

My big gift to Eric was a collage by artist Jay Riggio. Let me tell you it was no small feat to procure the piece and to keep it to myself for so long in advance. The artist was in on the surprise so it was pretty cool! 

Very traditional birthday celebration under our belts.

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