Thursday, May 7, 2015

Minnesota Day 1

Well, I have just returned from a week in Minnesota. My cousin Allison was getting married (more on that tomorrow) and the whole extended family gathered for the wedding. First though, we had to drive from Wyoming to Minnesota with two small girls. The trip is more than twelve hours of driving time...not counting bathroom breaks, meals, snacks, road work, weather, traffic, and all of the strange stops that Elise required ( ex: "These crumbs are hurting me!! Ahhhhh!!")

We left last Thursday morning at the crack of dawn. I had spent two days advance prepping and packing (Sarah P. you would have been proud) so we were all ready to go forth on an adventure. I had everything ready, right down to the packed vitamins!

We drove much of the day and were in such good spirits that we made lots of plans for our return trip. Those are the plans people make on the first day of a trip, but by the last day of the trip they are never mentioned because by then everyone is dreaming of their own bed or bathroom. Can we just take a minute to weep over the state of truck stop bathrooms and using them with small children? I cannot tell you how many times I said,"Nobody touch anything in the room."

The day of driving was a lot to ask of two girls, but they were really awesome for the entire trip and back. They watched movies, looked at books, played with toys. Elise asked for a MILLION snacks.  I seriously think there was no more than a twenty minute stretch the entire trip where she wasn't asking for snacks. She was well fed, with limits. Girl likes her snacks. Have I mentioned that she is now nicknamed Snacks?

We took a break in Rapid City, SoDak and had some lunch. We also let the girls stop in and pick something small from Toys R Us. Then it was back on the road.

We discovered something about South Dakota; every town has a thing. Maybe they have a six ton prairie dog statue, Laura Ingles Wilder's home, an 1800s town, a Dance's With Wolves collection, vintage cars, Abe Lincoln's beard hairs (ok I made that one up)----each town had a thing. It was funny and awesome. Branding brilliance!

We found a fantastic antique store in Chamberlain. I bought three amazing vintage dresses and Eric was excited about vintage Garbage Pail Kids cards.

We finally stopped in Mitchell, SD where we made dinner in the hotel and then went swimming before putting the kids to sleep.

Once the kids were asleep Eric decided to open the 20+ year old packs of Garbage Pail Kids cards.

Inside of the cards was ancient gum. Yes, we tried it. It was not good. 


Sarah Purdy said...

I'm very impressed with your packing skillz! Excited to see more of your trip pics! I used to love Garbage Pail Kids as a kid. The gum wasn't good even fresh, so I'm not shocked that it didn't survive the 20 years.

Emily said...

You guys are road trip pros! I loved GPKs too! It was all the rage when I was in 2nd grade. I remember my teacher angrily telling us all to "Put the Garbage Pail Kids away!!!!"

affectioknit said...

What a fun reminds me of our first trip to ND with a 4 year old Scout...awesome cards...I bet the gum was less than awesome though...

~Have a lovely day!

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