Saturday, May 23, 2015

Graduation Day for Cordelia

Thursday evening was Cordelia's graduation from preschool. We arrived a bit early so she could put on her cap and gown. Then we took our places to watch her graduate. Now let me take a moment here to apologize for those times, before children, when I made comments about how silly "graduation" was for pre-school and kindergarten and whatever. I realize now that they are important milestones and they deserve a moment of celebration.

I had been feeling surprisingly emotional about Cordelia's growth all week. I had a moment Monday when I held her hand and flashed back to the first time her tiny perfect fingers grasped mine. How it has only been a few years, but so much has happened. Anyway, that coincided with graduation and it was an emotional day for a proud mother.

We watched her enter and walk to her place. She searched around for our family and when she spotted us she smiled and waved. I LOVE when little kids smile and wave from presentations. She also blew kisses to each of us.

The ceremony lasted about 30 minutes. Her teacher Kylie from last year sang a song called Let them Be Little that had me sobbing (I feel my feelings and I will probably feel your feelings too).


Then they were given diplomas.

Cordelia's graduation
Here she is hugging her first teacher, Teacher Gwen. These two have a very special friendship and I am sure it was hard for Gwen to say"Goodbye." I know it was difficult for Cordelia. Although we see Gwen regularly and it wasn't really a goodbye.

Cordelia's graduation
Then the class sang the goodbye song that they sing every day at school (and I cried some more). And then preschool was over. Kindergarten now.
Also, crying again as I write this.


Chrissy said...

I cry every time Kiley sings that song:) It was a great day.

Chrissy said...

It was a great day. I cry every time I hear Kiley sing that beautiful song.

Mom said...

Oh that girl! She could not be more beautiful. I love her joy!

MarieRoxanne said...

I was like that too MariaRose, graduation for kids?
I think graduation should be when kids finish school, but then when is school really finished? University is a school, so is High school, so is college, so is elementary school... so I did change my way of thinking and graduation is just that, you are graduating from matter what grade you were in.

elizabeth said...

that last picture of her is wonderful!

(it is so very fun to watch them grow!)

Victoria said...

Congratulation's hugs and kisses sweet Cordelia!!

sara said...

Happy graduation, Cordelia! My daughter is starting kindergarten in the fall too. I love seeing the person she is becoming, but it is hard watching her grow so fast when it seems like she was just a baby. Bittersweet!

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