Monday, May 4, 2015

Project: Garden Tub

You may recall this post about Eric's installation which employed a faux blood filled claw footed tub. I am sure, like me, you were really interested in tub. Where was that tub to go after the show was taken down? That burning question haunted me for weeks, until that sweet little tub ended up in our back yard. Don't get me wrong, I really want a claw footed tub in my bathroom, but I have no budget for a bathroom makeover. So, the tub of my dreams now rests in my back yard.


First we set the tub on some broken pavers, but we left the drain unplugged and the whole tub is tilted at a slight angle which will allow for excess water to drain easily. I toyed with the idea of painting the sides of the tub, but I really like the aged beauty of the tub as is, so I left it alone.

claw foot

Next I bought a lot of soil. I bought cheap soil for the bottom layers and the higher levels have good quality potting soil. It took a shocking amount of dirt, purchased over a month. I had read about layering any variety of materials underneath, but found a convincing article that helped me decide to just fill the whole thing. I did put an empty pot over the drain so the soil wouldn't pour out the drain, but the water could move freely.


Finally I added tons of flowers. I chose perennials that will hopefully return year after year. I also chose plants in the low, medium, and high range, with some that will trail over the edges.


tubIt is still very early spring here in Wyoming so I will have to remember to update later this summer when it is really filling out.


Sarah Purdy said...

Looks awesome! What a cool idea!

MarieRoxanne said...

As an artist, you can also see the beauty of leaving things as they are. I appreciate old/antique furniture and things like the tub. Good decision!

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