Monday, June 15, 2015

A Little Limeade

Late last week I found myself leading two girls through the pound, more on the reason for that to come. Cordelia was looking at all of the dogs in cages and my sweet girl started to cry quietly. When I noticed her tears I asked her what was making her sad. She indicated that she was very sad for all of the dogs trapped in cages. I explained to her that the animals were just here while they waited for their forever home. 

It was about that time that a young volunteer of about 15 came through with a dog. She led the pooch to his kennel and then helped us with our questions. When she left Cordelia asked if she could volunteer and help the animals. I assured her that she would definitely be allowed to volunteer when she was old enough. She was not satisfied, I could see that clearly. I suggested that we find another way to help. Then Cordelia said, "I could have a lemonade stand and give the money to the animals." I happily agreed and let her know how proud I was of her.

Later that day we grabbed a bunch of limeade, lemonade was all sold out, and a few supplies for a lemonade stand. Cordelia and I made a sign for her and then on Saturday we put the word out and set up at a local park for an hour.

Elise was the first customer and then she and Eric took off on their own adventure. I stayed with Cordelia and we settled in for our hour of selling. She waved at all of the cars, but nobody stopped for the first few minutes. She began to worry that nobody would come.

Then it started, a steady flow. Everybody giving her more than the 50 cents she asked. I watched with pride as she filled cups, sometimes guiding her hand as the cup strayed from the stream of limeade. She explained that she planned to split the money between The Wyoming Basset Hound Rescue Foundation and The Humane Society. 

A few people who lived out of state or simply couldn't make it to her stand made donations in her name. When I told her that she began to freak out. She was so happy with the success. When our hour was up we closed up shop and delivered two more cups to customers who were unable to come to her stand. Then we went home and counted her earnings. We then divided the cash between the two organizations. She made cards for each organization; I included an explanation. 

We then dropped the money in the mail to the Basset Rescue as it is based in another community.

We then headed over to the Humane Society for the in-person donation.

The staff was pretty charmed as she marched in and explained the donation. They asked me if they could include the donation in their newsletter. I was so proud. Elise was also very excited to explain that she had bought some lemonade too. 

Then we talked about how Cordelia and Elise too had made a difference in the lives of animals and that they had inspired people to care more too. Elise was happy, but it really sunk in for Cordelia. I told her that she had made the world a little bit better because she had chosen to help. I wish you could have seen her, that smile and satisfaction she felt at being part of the solution. Ultimately she has raised 136.19 for the two organizations. If you want to donate to either organization in her name I would be happy to pass the word on to Cordelia.


MarieRoxanne said...

How wonderful! Cordelia has a good heart!

Susan said...

Sweet Cordy!

Daphne said...

Can I just say that this made me totally tear up?? What a sweet girl! I love this entire post so much.

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