Monday, June 8, 2015

Summer Parenting

I think parenting in summer is the best. I am in my natural state as a parent. We have no deadlines or places that we have to be at specific times or layers of clothing to bundle us all into when we want to be spontaneous and just go somewhere.

The days start with sunlight and open windows. The birds chirp and wake us early. We spend time out back, playing and gardening. The girls are super into weeding right now, habit that I am happy to cultivate (pun 100% intended). We look at bugs, we work, we play, we invent gamers or projects. I love it all. 

Eric and I have been crazy busy this year. He pulled a 60+ hour work week last week! While we are so happy for all of the professional growth we are also in need of a slower pace. We need it. The girls need it. So we are going to scale back a bit on the professional excess and spend more time playing with the kids, making memories, exploring our state.

Today our goals are checking out a state park, playing in the yard, gardening, art, dog walking and of course hammock time.


Sarah Purdy said...

I like your plan! Great family photo! You all look very content.

Mom said...

What a great family photo! What a great family.

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