Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Seattle Part 1

I think it probably began in 2004. Eric and I were taking a French Film class while working on our undergrad degrees in Missoula, MT. For our class we had to watch a French film each week and complete some corresponding coursework. The movies were often challenging to acquire back then, but Eric and I were pretty cutting edge with our Netflix delivery subscription. We offered to the class that anyone who wanted could join us at our place for a Sunday night viewing of the weekly film. Three women took us up on the offer: Tahra, Jesse  and Charlotte. We quickly discovered that all but one of us was vegan! Finding another vegan in that area is akin to spotting a leprechaun. So we all agreed to turn our French movie group into French movie and vegan food group. It was a really great time, but we had no way of knowing that we had made lifelong friendships.

Fast forward 11 years. Charlotte and Jesse are still in our lives. Unfortunately we all lost contact with Tahra as she is not online and has moved a ton. Charlotte is someone you have probably read about if you have been following my blog for long. She is a very dear friend who has always gone way above and beyond as a friend. So when we found out that she was getting married to an awesome man named Jake (we met him last summer and really love him too) we knew that we had to go to the wedding. Even more so when the girls were asked to be flower girls.

On Friday, Elise's birthday, we spent the morning enjoying birthday fun and then began to make our way to Denver. We gave Elise (and Cordelia) some car activity presents and hit the road. We stopped in Cheyenne and let the girls play at a park and check out a lake.

Mostly we worked to ensure that Elise had a very special day while we made our way to Denver. I had found a vegan restaurant in Ft. Collins that had a good looking menu. So we planned to hit that up for a birthday dinner. We detoured into downtown Ft. Collins and the city was hopping I began to worry that I should have made reservations.

We found parking close to the location and as we hopped out of the car I heard a clatter as something fell into the storm grate. I checked for my phone, nope it was in my pocket. Sunglasses? Nope, on my head. Then I realized it was my key. I peered down into the inky blackness and spotted my car key and fob about 10 feet down. It was surely lost forever. I suggested we just go to the restaurant as we were all hungry. We walked there only to find the windows covered in brown paper, under construction. By now it was getting a bit late and we still had an hour of driving. I was watching the clock as I wanted the girls to bed on time. We had to wake at 4 for our 6am flight. We decided we would just grab dinner at Whole Foods. 

As we walked back to the car I was still puzzling over the keys. I tried to think of anything in our car that had a hook. Finally I remembered that we have a zillion bungee cords for some reason. Each cord has a hook. We tied them together into a long chain and Eric leaned over the storm grate and fished around for the keys. 

It was a long shot....but it worked!

We hopped into the car and grabbed dinner at Whole Foods. Then we made the last leg of the drive to the hotel near the airport. The girls slept. 

The next morning I was up at 3:30. I woke everyone at 4 and we all prepped for a long travel day.  We got to the airport and had to carry our luggage, two car seats and direct two small kids. We got checked in and made it through security (side note: I saw three people this weekend lose their IDs and or wallets at airports. Hold on to those things people). We boarded our plane with about ten minutes to spare. 

Waiting at the airport.

Hanging out before the plane left. 

Looking out of the plane. Cordelia thought that every mountain out the window was certainly Mt. Saint Helens. The flight was uneventful, but beautiful. We landed in Seattle a little before 8 local time. 

I will share more tomorrow!


Sarah Purdy said...

Ack! So glad you were able to get your keys! Could you imagine??!! Can't wait to see the rest of the trip pics.

Anonymous said...

And, as I am not techo savvy, apparently, I can only comment as anonymous, which doesn't show my email.

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